was an initiative for a new farm bill for all Americans.

Target was to contact the Congress on the 2012 Farm Bill.

Calling it “farm bill” was suggesting an impact limited only to farms and to the rural areas to which they were closely tied. But the 2012 farm bill was suggested to be a  jobs bill and a food bill and a conservation bill and an energy and trade bill. It was a bill that affected every American.

The farm bill 2012 has affected the american ability to provide the necessities of life for a global population projected to pass 9 billion by 2050. In America it has affected an industry that provides nearly 23 million American jobs.

The “farm bill” 2012 has had broad impact on American citizens and the economy. It provided healthy foods to millions of schoolchildren and nutritious options to families in need. It developed and expanded trade with valuable foreign markets. By reducing spending significantly compared to prior farm bills, the proposals of 2012 were addressed to Congress for the need to get the US fiscal house in order.

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